Mission & Values

Connect. Inspire. Serve.

Sustain & Maintain.

BBCH’s main mission is to create sustainable programs that empower community members with the life skills needed to make healthy and lasting changes in their own lives.

BBCH is committed to serving our community members from all ages and backgrounds, meeting everyone where they are.

Our overall goals are to:

Increase access to resource and services

Improving people’s social determinants of health.

Maintain health and wellness by removing risk factors

Educating on nutrition, exercise, and overall health.

Increase human capital

Building knowledge and fostering community between all participants.

Increase post-graduation planning among youth

Providing tutoring and scholarship resources.

When supporting families, we strive to develop the 5 Protective Factors


Parental resilience


Social connections


Support in times of need


Knowledge of parenting and social development


Social and emotional competence of children